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The role of steel in urban development

Steel structures

One of the important engineering issues of the 21st century is the place of steel in urban planning. Steel structures in today’s era are very important and should be checked according to modern science.


In this article, we intend to examine the role of steel structures. In today’s era, the importance and types and use of this precious metal. Let’s focus on the development of industry and urban development.

The digital marketing team of Rostami Iron and Steel Industries Company. With the use of capable personnel in the field of engineering sciences, it intends to build steel structures with detailed inspection. In this article, you will find the position of steel in urban planning and its price. Familiarize commercial style sheds and Tirurgugi sheds.

What is steel?

The position of steel in Shahrsazi

Steel is a chemical element in the periodic table that has the symbol Fe. And the atomic number is 26 and it is in group 6 and period 4. Steel is significant as the final element produced, and as a result, it is considered the heaviest element. which does not need a similar cataclysmic event for its formation. Therefore, this metal is the most abundant heavy metal in the world. It is also believed to be the tenth most abundant element in the universe. Iron concentration in different layers of the earth from above in the inner core. Up to 5% is in the outer crust and possibly the inner core of the earth. composed of a single crystal of iron, although it is thought to be probably a mixture of iron and nickel. The presence of a large amount of steel material in the earth contributes to its magnetic field.

This definition of steel shows the position of steel in urban construction and steel structures in hot and cold cutting industries.

Steel production steps (steel structures)


Today, the industrial production of iron or steel consists of two main stages. In the first stage, the iron ore is reduced with coke in the furnace and the molten metal. It is separated from impurities such as silicate minerals and an alloy is produced at this stage. which contains relatively large amounts of carbon. Then in the second step, the amount of carbon available. In iron produced by reduced oxidation to produce steel or cast iron. In such a stage, it is allowed to add other metals to form alloy steels. and the obtained steel structure for steel structures. They are often subjected to heat or heating treatment after forming. Heating them at 700-800 degrees Celsius for several hours. And then gradual cooling makes the steel soft and usable.

(steel structures)
The most important fuel for steel production

The role of steel in urban development (steel structures)

The coke that was mentioned is actually a porous solid material that provides carbon for the reaction and is also the main fuel used in the furnace. Coke is made by heating coal to 1200 K in the absence of air for twenty hours, and coal gas (mainly carbon monoxide and hydrogen) and a black tar from which useful compounds such as benzene can be obtained are also produced. . Coal gas is used as fuel on site. After smelting iron ore and building steel structures, you can start defining the construction project to determine the place of steel in urban development.

Application of different types of steel

Steel in different forms and different alloys (steel structures)

The largest consumption of steel is in the construction industry. Stable metal structures can be built quickly and at low cost. Steel can be designed in different forms and alloys. to meet the needs of unique projects. And this allows it to be included in the infrastructure in all environments. Depending on the conditions the structure is exposed to. Steel can be alloyed or have different surface treatments for protection. The place of steel, the place of steel in Shahrsazi in Shahrsazi

The development of efficient steel production techniques in the late 20th century led to the growth of railroads around the world as well as the rise of construction. High altitudes have helped. Many famous historical structures like. The Empire State Building contains steel as a primary construction material.

Steel can also be found in:
Steel structure of low-rise and high-rise buildings
Steel structure of educational and hospital buildings
Steel structures of stadiums, stations
reinforced concrete
Bridge deck plates
Steel structure of piers and suspension cables
cover and roof
Steel structure of offices
The tunnels
Security fences
Coastal defense and flood
Investigating the consumption of steel at the steel station in Shahr Sazi

In steel structures, the cost is calculated according to the amount of steel consumption per square meter of floor area (horizontal image) or cubic meter of the building.

The cost of construction and the amount of steel consumption depends on the following factors:

– Number of floors
– Load applied to floors (dead and live)
– Openings around the column
– The thickness of the roof
– Structural system (vertical and lateral load transfer system)


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