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Fiber laser cutting services

شرکت نهامین

Humans have used different methods to cut metal sheets throughout history. Nowadays, with the development of technology and science, laser cutting services of sheets have become two general categories of gas and solid laser, Nahamin company is ready to provide solid laser services to customers by using the latest fiber laser devices.

This collection has the ability to cut metals in different dimensions by using the most modern fiber laser cnc machines.

How to cut the device:

In the cutting table, the way the fiber laser CNC machine works is in such a way that the sheet will be placed on the table of the machine in a variable manner, and only the nozzles and heads are changed when needed.

Because the cutting program in the device software only takes a few minutes to load.

How is the machine cut:

The technology used in these devices is such that laser light is used to cut the sheets.

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